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Architres Studio is an interior design company founded in 2017 in Budapest, Hungary. Our studio has completed various projects, ranging from furniture design to large-scale residential, retail and hospitality spaces. We contribute to the project procedure from the initial concept definition until the last decoration piece finds its final place. In this route, we follow a client-based design process with close attention to details, functionality and harmony.


We find passion in all scales, from designing objects to entire building complex interiors such as residential buildings, hotels, restaurants and offices, and use similar methods despite the sizes of projects. Our contribution is diversified in each scheme as we sometimes create conceptional designs but usually, we manage complete planning from sketch to implementation.

See more of our objects at www.reble.hu


We regularly start taking part in the planning process at the concept generation, location selection or business identifying phase and often follow through with the project until the allocation of the last bit of piece. The components in this process include moodboards, concept plans, implementation plans, furniture plans, item lists and all the necessary documentation needed for smooth execution. By the supervision of the constructions, we assure the desired results.


We believe in human-centred design that respects old elements but is always open to innovation and like to use the combination of the aged with the contemporary for a playful and fascinating outcome. For us, sustainability is an opportunity to find new design solutions rather than an obstacle and we travel the world to gather inspiration from the latest trends and styles. The fine-tuning of these factors supports the objects and spaces that we create.


Daniel Kis / Co-Founder, architect
+36 20 937 7843
Laszlo Csizinszky / Co-Founder, interior architect
+36 30 608 8878
Fanny Kormoczi / Partner, FF&E
+36 20 986 8434
+971 504 139017


Daniel Kis / Co-Founder, architect

Laszlo Csizinszky / Co-Founder, interior architect

Fanny Kormoczi /Partner, FF&E

+36 20 937 7843

+36 30 608 8878

+36 20 986 8434 / +971 504 139017


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