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zichy fent


lead architects:







Daniel Kis, Laszlo Csizinszky


Budapest, Hungary

64,6 m2




A mid-sized 2+2 bed apartment in the heart of Budapest, Hungary for rental purposes. The client's request was to rearrange the whole apartment to have a grandiose well lit bedroom, a smaller extra bedroom with a bathroom and a small common area. The layout efficiently uses the original apartment to create the required spaces where you can find the two separate bedrooms on the two sides of the flat. A slightly tilted wall in the small bedroom creates a tight room to make the bed more accessible. The huge bedroom on the other side has been designed to keep the current grand space with the bed slid closer to the window creating a wardrobe behind its back and giving more light during the sunrise. In the core of the flat, there are two narrow and high spaces which together make an elegant common room with all its functions but it is separated by a massive structural wall. To solve this issue and connect the two spaces we designed a cupboard system which incorporates the kitchen too and it stretches through both rooms. This connection and extension of the existing openings to their original sizes make the two narrow spaces inseparable. Visually and functionally it gives a feeling that it is together and you stand in one space rather than in one of the two. In the owner's demand was a more rational and clear styling giving the functionality and layout more space.

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