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lead architects:

Daniel Kis, Laszlo Csizinszky
Budapest, Hungary
40 m2
Studio Aeden
Daniel Molnar

We were asked to design a small juice bar extension that hosts a small guest area and a fully functioning kitchen to serve juices, beverages, coffee and some bites to eat too.

The guest area,  designed with community in mind,  fosters connections among studio visitors.  A prominent long table with an extended bench encourages conversations between friends and newcomers alike.  This functional bench system cleverly integrates additional features like deli storage and a semi-built-in display fridge. This item, adorned with design plaster from DetaleCPH,  boasts a natural and raw aesthetic,  paired with stain-resistant durability.  The bar boasts a rattan and wooden frame,  incorporating hanging plants and concealed ambient lighting for evenings.

The kitchen and bar prioritize functionality,  housing a fully equipped kitchen from Skilltrade,  enhanced by warm wooden accessories.  A plant-centric approach led to the creation of a shelf system on the bar's back and a suspended display above the counter too, evoking an inviting garden-like atmosphere.

The terrace offers a minimalist oasis for post-workout relaxation, where movable furniture facilitates a beachy feel. 

Despite its compact size, the space feels spacious due to its clean design.  A captivating arrangement of lamps creates a focal point that defines the area's heart. With a keen eye on budget, strategic statement pieces enhance the space's ambiance and character.  The redesign aimed to seamlessly blend an 'aedenic' cafe and juice bar into the studio's existing atmosphere, while elevating it with unique and distinctive elements.  The space radiates a positive atmosphere both day and night.

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