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lead designers:



Daniel Kis, Laszlo Csizinszky, Fanny Kormoczi
Tamas Gyovai (QOOB)

Budapest, Hungary
280 m2
Viktoria Toth

Gergo Gosztom

The project included three buildings on the same plot that are divided into three private villa gardens.  Two are identical but mirrored,  while the third has a different layout with the same concept in mind.  The investor aims to resell the property so the objective of the design was not to furnish the apartment fully but to create a luxurious environment where all future functions and furniture can find their place conveniently.  The task was a bit harder as we had to consider more options for possible arrangements,  but we've managed to create a hosting and warm environment where a variety of styles could fit later.  As a display house,  one of their common areas was furnished and finished by carpentry to show how it was imagined and can look finished for a possible buyer.  The finishing of the bathroom walls is stone textured full-height tile coverings which are recalled by the material of the kitchen's splashback and worktops.  The rotatable wooden panels provide a Scandinavian and clear atmosphere while functionally separating the living room area from the corridor and elevator hall.

Painting:  József Csató - Show for Nobody 2021

_DSC9357 copy (1).jpg
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