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lead architects:


Daniel Kis, Laszlo Csizinszky
Fanny Kormoczi

Innsbruck,  Austria
6000 m2
Levente Goda

The interior design project for this university lobby and auditorium in Innsbruck emphasizes a harmonious blend of architectural innovation and inviting aesthetics, creating a functional and welcoming environment for students and visitors alike.

At the heart of the building is the main lobby and staircase area, a pivotal space designed to be both practical and visually striking. The grandiose staircase, with its elegant curve following the circular cut of the slab, serves as a focal point and a natural meeting spot. The wooden cover of the stairs seamlessly integrates with the structure, providing an organic meeting or chilling point for students. This design choice infuses the space with warmth and coziness, balancing the raw concrete structures with abundant wooden elements.

This central area also features a bench that marks it as a gathering and meeting spot, encouraging social interaction and collaboration among students. The expansive and wide spaces are thoughtfully designed to feel inviting and comfortable, despite their scale.

The canteen, located nearby, continues this theme of openness and accessibility. It is designed to accommodate quick and middle-length gatherings, providing a convenient and pleasant dining experience with plenty of natural light and easy connections to surrounding functions.

The study area offers a serene and focused environment for individual or group study sessions. It is designed to be versatile, catering to different study needs while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic with the rest of the lobby.

The lounge area provides a relaxed atmosphere where students can unwind between classes. Comfortable seating and thoughtful design elements create an inviting space that complements the bustling energy of the lobby.

The adaptable auditorium/conference hall is a highlight of the project, featuring a multi-purpose design that can accommodate a wide range of functions. Its movable elements and simple, staircase-like seating design make it a versatile space for lectures, conferences, and other events. The auditorium is designed to maximize natural light, creating a bright and welcoming environment for attendees.

Overall, this interior design project successfully combines functional requirements with a fresh and characteristic design, creating a vibrant and engaging space that meets the diverse needs of the university community.

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