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zichy fent


lead architects:







Daniel Kis, Laszlo Csizinszky


Budapest, Hungary

25 m2



Gergo Gosztom

We wanted to select a relevant issue, which we can reflect on with our installation. Nowadays the world is rushing and transforming rapidly. People often change their belongings, such as their homes, that brings us to the fact that all the apartments have to be refurbished each time a new owner moves is. A possible solution is that we create an adaptive and mobile structure-system that can fill the hosting space with the least modifications possible. As our installation shows, we barely touched the pair of walls but with a multi-use core system in the middle, we created an interpretation for a possible solution. If we clear this element the remaining structures could easily adapt to a new occupant. If we observe most of the interior renovations, designers take the walls as a base where they put something or completely modify it. In that case, people utilise the inner unused space. By contrast, we put an adaptive multi-functionary element in the middle of the space - with different functions on each side - and use the outer remaining space as a public and practical area. 

We also owe many thanks to our partners and supporters - without whom our installation could not happen - by providing us with materials/products/hard work. Special thanks to Rich-Art carpenter group for the super cupboard system, Rokfort Home for the unique sanitary items and the tiles, Lumoconcept for giving us their gorgeous lamps, Annie Sloan Hungary for providing us with their special paints, and Hannabi for lending us their adaptive rearrangeable furniture items.

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