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lead architects:







Daniel Kis, Laszlo Csizinszky


Debrecen, Hungary

20 m2

Globus Hungary

5mart Studio (graphic design)

Gergo Gosztom

The client for this project was Globus, a major Hungarian canned food manufacturer that decided to open a small soup restaurant, Soupy, to showcase their main products and popularize the brand. The location of the project is in the city center of Debrecen, Hungary, where their factory is situated.


The design approach was to divide the 20m2 interior space into two parts, a service area with all the relevant machinery, food, storage, and a customer space, where people can grab or eat a cup of soup as simply as possible. The concept was to define the customer space by building a second façade inside the shop from corrugated sheets, which was an analogue to the material of the cans and it also serves as a connection between the two sides of the space and the counter front. Also, a hallow section frame system was designed that follows the shape of the corrugated sheets to form plant holders and surfaces to eat. Another conceptual idea was to represent and appreciate the production of the food in the fields. In order to integrate this notion, natural colors and plants became an integral part of the interior. 


Our interior design studio worked hand-to-hand with a graphic design team, 5mart Studio, to create a synthesis between the new image of the brand and the interior design of the restaurant.

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