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salon fent

The Bachelor

lead architects:

Daniel Kis, Laszlo Csizinszky
Budapest, Hungary
52 m2
Marcell Ruben
Zsuzsa Fanni Kiss

This project is a part of an attic extension of an apartment building in downtown Budapest, which includes five luxury apartments of different styles. Our studio was commissioned to design three of the five flats.

This unit is the smallest of the five apartments so we arranged a one-bedroom flat with the intention to create a full comfort, luxurious suite. The use of materials is rather raw, masculine with concrete, walnut, anthracite colour combined with some white surfaces and mirrors to loosen up and widen the space a bit. Also, the wooden elements help the rough spaces to become more welcoming and homier. The floor plan is quite limited in terms of programs. The more private part in the back accommodates the bedroom and the front part, with windows facing toward the street, serves as the kitchen, dining and living room in one space. The bigger spaces are opened together because they are high and narrow and in a bigger area the ceiling height can prevail. The building structures, such as the reinforced concrete pillar, become a space organizing element in the kitchen and in the living room, rather than an element to hide. In this way, it can act as an integral part of the space.


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