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salon fent


lead architects:







Daniel Kis, Laszlo Csizinszky
Budapest, Hungary
25 m2
Gergo Gosztom

The objective of this project was to redesign an existing small hair salon with a gallery. During this process, the shop had to be completely cleaned out in order to form a pleasant new space. With a more open store window more natural light could get in and by pulling out the costumer space from under the gallery a spacious sensation could be delivered to the user despite the small size of the shop. The structure of the original enclosed gallery was kept but opened up to utilize the space better and to unify and enhance the spatial perception. The service functions, which include the toilet, kitchen and an extra workstation on the gallery, were arranged in a compact way in 5 + 5 m2. This service block unit was placed in the back of the shop in the line of the gallery and by a green colouring, it visually separates the service space from the customer space, but still keeps the spatial connection with the open configuration. A lamella system provides a loose separation on both levels, while also keeping a dialogue between the ground floor and the upper floor space.

The structure of the stairs is a significant part of the space. As it could not be hidden, the motto of “if you can’t hide it, show it!” was used. The staircase is located in the middle of the space, right in the entrance in a form of an aesthetic design element. The sculpture-like lower part grows out of the floor and continues as a more delicate structure to gain useful space under it for storage or hair washing stations.

Finally, the hairdressing stations are in the main focus of the space. These are well visible units with a shared counter reaching through all of them. This notion helps to build a community between the customers and the employees. A composition of simple geometrical forms appears on the large wall surface above the workstations. The concept was to create an expressive and interesting synthesis with the use of very few materials and colours in order to avoid unnecessary elements and extra costs. 

The wooden and white surfaces are the most dominant in the project complemented by green elements, grey flooring and the original, plaster ceiling. A lot of plants and green surfaces provide a natural, harmonious jungle-like ambience in the middle of the concrete jungle of the city centre.

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