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salon fent

The Nordic Duchess

lead architects:

Daniel Kis, Laszlo Csizinszky
Budapest, Hungary
67 m2
Marcell Ruben
Zsuzsa Fanni Kiss

This project is a part of an attic extension of an apartment building in downtown Budapest, which includes five luxury apartments of different styles. Our studio was commissioned to design three of the five flats.

The general attributions of this apartment are the least favourable. It is a long and narrow space where natural light comes from only one side and the beams and mechanical elements break the flow of the space. Mainly these conditions set the functional arrangement of the apartment, placing the living room and the bedroom on the southern side of the flat and a multifunctional room on the opposite side. The real design challenge started from this point as our aim was to develop a liveable system where the spaces simply connect to each other with special attention to the functional and aesthetic values. An important step to achieve this was connecting and opening the bathroom and the bedroom with the common space. In this way, there are no defined, sharp boundaries between each room so all the units can work together as one space. This approach and the carefully designed details allow the emergence of a functionally cooperative system. All the functions get comfortable, defined places and the flow of these places provides an elegant, simple and generous design.

The use of materials is dominated by wood, white colour and terrazzo. It gives a natural, pleasant atmosphere to the apartment in a simple way. It is complemented by the use of anthracite colour for a contrasting effect and mirrors to widen the space.


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