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salon fent

The Royal Family

lead architects:

Daniel Kis, Laszlo Csizinszky
Budapest, Hungary
73 m2
Marcell Ruben
Zsuzsa Fanni Kiss

This project is a part of an attic extension of an apartment building in downtown Budapest, which includes five luxury apartments of different styles. Our studio was commissioned to design three of the five flats.

The size of this apartment is relatively big, but the received arrangement was quite complicated so in order to arrange a two-bedroom flat unusual solutions had to be applied. However, the user cannot feel the difficulties of these solutions as the spaces are simple and nicely structured. The journey starts from the entrance where a cupboard system leads us into the living room, where all the places of the functions are clearly divided, but their boundaries could blur. It needed a lot of fine-tuning during the design phase to utilize all the spaces and configure all the rooms in a clean and elegant way. The bathroom solution in the second bedroom is a result of this process. It is an enclosed shower and washroom within a cupboard system that could be opened and become an integral part of the bedroom.

The use of materials is more of a classical and ornamented milieu complemented by minimal, modern elements for a harmonious interior. White and beige are the most dominant colours throughout the apartment and wood, brass and deep red are used to highlight some components by creating a contrast. The tiling of the bathrooms destine explicative characteristics to the spaces, one is greyish, Nordic style, while the other is a more natural, Southern atmosphere.


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